• Why Outsource Your Recruitment?

    Date: 6 August, 2012 | Author: | Category: Employers

    Recruitment outsourcing, when to do it and why?

    Flat fee recruitment partnerThe whole recruitment process is a very time-consuming one that needs focused attention. As with most things, the more recruiting and interviewing you do, the buy viagra online more you will hone your lexapro with viagra hiring skills and get that sixth sense that so many recruiters have.

    So what can you do while building up your own recruitment skills? Well, in most circumstances firms look for external help with their recruitment process – in one way or another. Whether that be for the viagra cost advertising, copy writing or even interviewing.

    So why do companies choose an outsourced recruiting partner over doing their own recruitment in-house?

    – How busy are you? Do you or your team have sufficient time to do the proper advertising, sourcing and evaluation of candidates? If you are doing the sifting, screening and interviewing, estimates show that you’ll need between 30 to 40 hours devoted to this process per vacancy.

    – Do you have the skills? What is your industry like? In a limited industry (in terms of talent pool), you may need outside sources to help tap into databases not reachable to you to reach the already limited talent pool available. Recruitment firms are experts at sourcing passive candidates, often through a service called job board mining.

    – Guidance. In many situations it is good to have an outside consultant http://cialisonline-canadian.com/ or partner who lives in the recruitment industry day in, day out to provide guidance when it comes to the hiring stage. Often useful to give hiring tips, interviewing strategies and general guidance a first time, or new hiring manager may not know.

    – Cost of recruitment. Given the amount of time involved in doing your own recruitment, when you couple that cost with the advertising costs to publish a vacancy on say, the top 3 major job boards in the UK, it really starts to add up. Often it is actually cheaper to outsource the entire recruitment process, from advert copy writing, to candidate sifting and even preliminary interviewing, to an external flat fee recruitment partner.

    If any of these reasons justify using an outside recruiting service, the next step will be to determine which is the best type of service to use.

    Online Flat Fee Recruitment?

    In most recruitment scenarios a flat fee recruitment partner is both cheaper and more efficient than doing the recruitment yourself. With a company like Hunt4Staff, for one flat fee of just £595+VAT they provide all this:

    ∙ Dedicated UK based project manager
    ∙ Briefing appointment/call with your project manager
    ∙ Advert copy writing
    ∙ Candidate sifting
    ∙ Access to our Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
    ∙ 28 day exposure to job boards
    ∙ Social media exposure

    So, consider outsourcing your recruitment before doing it yourself, and see how much you could save.

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    For more information, call: 020 3002 9090 or click here to request a call back.

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