• When Is The Best Time To Advertise Your Role?

    Date: 23 November, 2015 | Author: | Category: General

    It’s a question we are often asked – ‘when is the best time to place my vacancy advert?’ My feeling is that any time is the right time. With any recruitment campaign an element of luck plays a part. Your ideal new employee may be looking on the job boards today and not tomorrow – why delay? Then again, they may be happily working in their current position today only to find out next week that they are going to be made redundant – and will be looking on the job boards an hour after your advert has run its course and disappeared from the net. (One minor  disadvantage with online recruitment among all the positives is that I can pick up a yellowing newspaper hidden under a floorboard for fifty years and still read what used to be called the ‘Situations Vacant’ – online your advert has a life of a month or even just a week).

    However, if ‘any time’ is not good enough for you, don’t worry, we have some data to hand. These are not statistics culled from the net or the result of an expensive PR campaign, but our own data going back two and a half years, 30 months worth of applications. We plugged some dates into the back end of our Applicant Tracking System and out popped the results.

    H4S Chart Jul 2014

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