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    English breakfastWelcome to part two of the results of our survey of office workers’ breakfasts, where we’ll reveal their specific preferences. As we reported last week, the vast majority of the workers surveyed eschewed the cooked breakfast, even a simple egg and soldiers, in favour of various cereals, fruit smoothies, pastries and toast, with some skipping breakfast altogether (“extra strong black coffee and a ciggie” was one reply).

    Rather surprisingly, the most popular breakfast was the fruit smoothie with a rather high 20% of our sample starting the day with blended fruit and veg. Less surprisingly, toast is also the choice of 20%, with Marmalade (28%) the most popular topping, followed by peanut butter (21%), Marmite and Jam (14% each). Nutella, honey and a Philadelphia/Bovril combo also scores votes.

    The cereal vote was split between ‘kids’ cereals (Coco Pops being the most popular of all), ‘adult’ cereals (muesli, granola, high fibre) and, to a slightly lesser extent, porridge. The latter scored 20%, and would no doubt have scored higher had we quizzed our workers in the winter months.

    Whilst this is by no means the death of the cooked breakfast, it seems our workers only take this path on non-work days. Whether due to health reasons, time constraints or not being bothered to cook, eat and wash-up before the journey to work, our survey didn’t dig deep enough to discover. Probably a mixture of them all. However, the Full English appears alive and well judging by every time I stay in a hotel.

    Favourite choices for pastry items, fruit and eggs produced no clear favourite in any category – votes were evenly spread out across a variety of items e.g. scrambled, poached and soft boiled eggs received equal votes ahead of fried, Benedict and omelette).

    To conclude our three part analysis of workers’ breakfasts we’ll examine what doctors, scientists and nutritionists say we should be eating to kick off our working day.

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