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If you are looking to change or further your career or even looking for work for the first time there are a few things you should know about us at Hunt4Staff:

WE ARE NOT AN AGENCY! We do not collect your data & sell you to the highest bidding employer. When you apply through us you apply directly to the employer that has engaged our services. What does this mean for you?

• More routes to apply for jobs (through any of the major job boards or our social media streams).
• Knowing that the client has your CV – our clients have access to all CVs even those that don’t meet the specifications for that particular role. You never know, they may be looking for other talents and you may fit the bill!
• We may call you to clarify things – to make sure we have all the information that our client wants our Project Managers may call you to check or ask for additional information. This ensures our client has all the relevant information before making their shortlist and gives you a better chance of landing that interview.
• We will normally be your first point of contact.
• If you need to fill out an application form – Don’t worry if you are having difficulty the Project Manager is there to help, and can walk you through our client’s recruitment process step by step.
• Where possible we will give you feedback if you attend an interview with our client.

If you need advice on how to apply for any of our jobs – or want any more information on the roles we are advertising just give us a call!

For an up to date list of our vacancies please click here or follow us on Twitter @Hunt4Work!

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