• The Olympics Have Been Much More Fun Than I Would Ever Have Imagined… Even If Dogs Are Not Allowed

    Date: 10 August, 2012 | Author: | Category: Dogs Blog

    Certainly takes a lot to turn a white Highland Terrier green with envy, but Biscuit and I have been growling at these two since we chanced across them on Facebook. What were we doing on Facebook during work hours? Just checking the latest job and blog postings on the Hunt4Staff Facebook page of course (all our online recruitment vacancies appear on our page as soon as they go live). However, we got a little distracted…

    Anyway, take a look at these two Border Terriers, named Maggie May and Rusty. Two ordinary looking dogs at first glance. Now take a look at their collars. They are no ordinary name tags. Look closer and you’ll see gold and silver medals. The reason is that these two are smarter than they look, because they had the good sense to recruit a tennis player to be their human. And no ordinary tennis-playing human.

    Clue – he’s Scottish and has both a gold and a silver medal.

    Yes, we found them on Andy Murray’s Facebook page. Maggie May has been awarded gold and Rusty the silver.

    Now, as much as dogs love tennis, I’m not saying any of us could have beaten either Andy Murray or Laura Robson. However, running is another matter.

    My friend Freddy could have given Usain Bolt  and his compatriots a head start and still showed them a clean pair of heels. And he’s British, we could have had another gold medal but they wouldn’t let him run. Whippets should be allowed in the Olympics, we say.  After all, they let horses compete…


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