How Much Do Recruitment Agencies Charge?

As with many things, we have to establish what role you’re looking to fill. The amount recruitment agencies charge will often depend on the role and its salary range.

The agency fees work out as a percentage of the yearly vacancies salary.

• For more junior roles a starting point might be in the region of 9 or 10% of the yearly salary, so for a £10k a year role, you may only pay £1,000.

• From then the fees work a bit like taxation. As the salary increases, so does the percentage for recruitment. For roles up to £15,000 you will typically pay 13 to 15%; up to £20,000 is around the 17 to 18% mark, and in excess of £20,000 you are likely to be charged 20% to 25% i.e. £4,000 upwards.

• High-end niche or specialist recruitment agencies and executive search consultants can charge 30% or more for jobs attracting six or seven-figure salaries.

When visiting an agency then, you’re looking at the very bare minimum spend being £1,000 – for a full time vacancy.

Charges For Online Recruitment

As you won’t be surprised to learn, the internet has changed the recruitment market dramatically -for both job seekers and employers. Online recruitment is superseding the more traditional paper-based methods.

Flat fee recruitment, as pioneered by companies such as Hunt4Staff, takes it a stage further. From just £650 + vat, we cast our net where your candidate is most likely to swim. Online. Across social media, client websites and essentially, online job boards.

Don’t Waste Your Recruitment Budget

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation the average recruitment cost of filling a vacancy in the UK is £3,950.

Remember, if you go to a traditional percentage fee agency, if your hired candidate leaves within the first month, you could easily lose thousands of pounds.

What have you got to lose when it comes to hiring your next vacancy by going with an online, flat fee recruitment company?

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