• Recruiting a Celebrity Dog?

    Date: 18 May, 2012 | Author: | Category: Dogs Blog

    Regular readers of my Friday Dog’s Blog will know that my human runs an online recruitment organisation called Hunt4Staff. Don’t I know it? He is rarely off the phone, especially, it seems, whenever I am taking him out for his evening exercise.

    “Is he talking to someone about flat fee recruitment again?” my friend Spot woofed.

    “Is Scooby Doo a detective?” I barked in reply. We both laughed.

    It set us on a trail of thought though as we both sniffed around a copse of springtime bluebells.

    How do famous dogs get their jobs? Think of all the Blue Peter dogs – Petra, Patch, Shep, Goldie, Bonnie, Barney, Lucy & Meg.  Did they have to submit their CVs or undergo a lengthy interviewing process?

    Then there are the dogs who made it big in Hollywood – Rebel, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and, the new kid on the block, Uggie, the star of the multi-Oscar winning The Artist.

    Spot and I tried to hatch the perfect CV for a superstar dog. Diligent, loyal, good at following instructions with a great nose for bones. Fast runner, good jumper, strong, confident bark, enthusiastic tail wag, and can play dead if necessary. Can carry a rolled up newspaper in jaws and looks great in a tartan coat. Tolerant of human foibles and will work with cats if absolutely necessary to the role.

    “Can you do jazz paws?” Spot asked.

    “No. Can you?”


    We concluded that neither of us  were cut out for a showbiz career after all.

    Then we considered all the dogs who work really hard –  the guide dogs, sheep dogs, gun dogs, sniffer dogs, police dogs and racing greyhounds – with very specific skill sets on their CVs. All of which sounds too much like hard work to me.

    I prefer a more traditional dog’s life. Is he off that phone yet?

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