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    Date: 2 May, 2012 | Author: | Category: Candidates, Employers

    It was interesting re-reading the Jobsite Online Recruitment Quarterly this morning, the core piece taken away over the winter period was that for the first time ever, businesses have chosen to use online job boards ahead of newspapers. Which is great news for us here at Hunt4Staff – as a flat fee online recruitment provider.

    One piece of information we missed from the Quartely Tracker, and quite apt for us as we have recently just relaunched our new website was this.

    Among the various methods jobseekers use in their daily job search routines, which include job boards, agencies, social networking etc a leap has taken place.   Interest in company websites has jumped five points since the September tracker.

    As we say at Hunt4Staff, we go where the applicants are. Well, unfortunately it seems that businesses aren’t doing the same when it comes to their own recruitment tactics. Despite company websites being the #2 job search method amongst applicants – it’s fourth in the line of recruitment methods by businesses. Instead even preferring recruitment agencies over their own websites.

    We aren’t too sure why this is. It isn’t hard to include a new page on a firms website, usually titled “careers”, it’s usually tucked away somewhere, but it seems the applicants are able to find it okay so why not – it’s one of the only recruitment methods that is actually free.

    Businesses only need the HR/recruitment manager to talk to the web designer and it can be up in matter of minutes.

    Hunt4Staff Applicant Tracking System Integration

    Fancy having your own careers page on your website? – We can help.

    Whenever you post a new job with Hunt4Staff it seamlesslesy integrates into our Applicant Tracking System. This in turn then posts the position out across the Internet, to job boards, social media sites and – if setup, a clients website career page.

    Our stream can fit within your current website no matter the layout or page size and only takes a very small piece of code to implement. – And best of all, possible applicants apply in exactly the same way and their CV’s are still found within our Applicant Tracking System, sifted and sorted for you.

    Contact our team to discuss this and getting your next job vacancy advertised online:

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