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    Date: 22 May, 2015 | Author: | Category: Candidates

    clownWe received a CV this week for an IT Manager’s position. Right at the top of the page next to the applicant’s name was this slogan; “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

    It made us laugh. The remainder of the CV told us that this person appears a strong candidate for the position but, had this been taken the wrong way,  it might suggest that he has treated the serious task of impressing a prospective new employer in a  frivolous, inappropriate, perhaps even disrespectful manner. However, in this case, our client is looking for someone with excellent interpersonal and communication skills and this display of humour suggests he may be in the ballpark. Where some IT professionals can be a little too focussed, shall we say, people skills do not necessarily go hand-in-hand with technical skills.

    It demonstrates that there is, if skilfully and tactfully done, a place for humour on a CV. But not always…

    Which leads me to think it may be time, with a holiday weekend coming up, to share some of the inadvertently funny things we’ve seen on CVs over the last couple of years, be it typos, gibberish, or just sheer incompetence.

    The Hunt4Staff Hall of Shame of CV Bloopers – Part 2

    • Eseex
    • Studding Politics and Sociology at Kingston University
    • Multitaking
    • A rare strength in mastering both right and left-side brains
    • I like to be very hands, with no task is too small or large for me.
    • Carry-out ‘cuddly calls’ on a day to day basis with customers
    • Good Afternoob,
    • Insert photograph. Remove heading if not relevant (see instructions)
    • I am currently returning to work after an absence initiated by child rearing.
    • Possesses award winning writings kills, [candidate with MLitt Creative Writing (Double Distinction Expected)]
    • I am looking for a job role in which i can enhance my kills
    • Excellent timekeeping, always look to be ahead of time commensurate with the foregoing.
    • I am very a professional, extremely organised person with excellent communication skills.
    • I am computer alliterate
    • I am clam, personable, detail oriented and self-motivated and productive under extreme stress
    • I am a bubble and outgoing person
    • Quality-oriented individual with over Thrity years of management experience
    • I am enthusiastic to peruse my career within a customer focused sales role.
    • An infatuation for digital media, e-commerce and emerging technologies
    • Current Skill Set: Focus, Computer, Perfectctionist, eye for detail
    • Interests – Engineering, Cooking, Sport, mounting biking
    • The Carphone warehouse the UK mobile phone leading company. Working as a mobile phone agency selling most of the country mobile network under one ruff.
    • I have a very keen eye for detail, and i possess excellent communication skills.
    • I can get along with anybody that I speak to as I am good with words.
    • I played Football for some years and still physically feet.
    • I am a qualified personnel
    • Willpower, flexibility, patience & gumption are my trump cards.
    • Excel Aviation Ltd – Ensuring the plains are clean and ready to fly.
    • Personal Statement: As someone who has tried studying Economics and dropped out I feel that I have a form of courage.
    • Orgainistation – My role means that orgainsation is paramount, I have to be one step ahead in what I do and planning and orgainising my time means I can do my job effectively and efficiently.
    • Key Skills – Nearly always on time to work.

    If you enjoyed those and missed our first selection they are here.

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