• How Do You Cope When Your Colleagues Take a Holiday?

    Date: 4 September, 2014 | Author: | Category: General

    AusHR Grapevine today highlighted a new UK report, from a survey of 1,000 British workers, which has discovered that 88% of workers claim they have to carry the load while their colleagues are away instant payday loans on holiday.

    Isn’t that what everyone does? Was payday 2 review pretty much the thought in Hunt4Staff payday loan help Towers.

    The survey, commissioned by Elance-ODesk, also found that workers left the office later than usual, worked through lunch breaks and even the weekend, totalling an average of six and a half extra hours a paydayadvanceusca.com/ week to cover for colleagues’ holidays. Moreover, one in ten employees said they would consider leaving their jobs due to the stress brought on by the extra hours.

    Stress? I payday loans online no credit check suppose it mainly depends upon the culture at your place payday advance of work dependent on several main factors:

    • Is the holiday process or rota properly managed? Are staff encouraged to use some of their allocation at times when the business is traditionally a little quiet? Do you have a rule of only debit card payday loans so many off at once? If poorly managed, you could find yourself at the end of November with a workforce who all still have a week or so to book by the end of the year.
    • Do you run a happy workplace? Of course you http://onlinepaydayloansusca.com/ do! But, I’m talking about a work environment where your staff truly work as a team, where things payday loans online no credit check get done regardless of who is in best payday loans the office, depot, shop or factory? An environment where the ship runs smoothly and seamlessly, where the culture is that your people roll their sleeves up and bad credit loans not payday loans cover for each other as a matter of course, without being cajoled? Lucky you. Or rather, well-done you, you’ve got a great training scheme in place. Which brings me to the next point…
    • Are your staff sufficiently multi-skilled to cover for each other when need be? Everyone has their own job title and their key skills that no-one else has, or the tasks that they accomplish better than anyone else, but do you have others who payday loans can step in on a payday 2 what are the joker cards temporary basis without damaging the business or holding up a project?
    • Finally, probably most importantly, do you employ the right number of staff? Are there enough employees to cover the job – at all times? That means having enough slack in the system, however much it pains you in the pocket. If you haven’t got sufficient numbers of direct lender payday loans multi-skilled, knowledgeable and keen-to-get-the-job-done employees, all it takes is for your office manager to have sanctioned Barney and Betty to take holiday in the same fortnight, with Wilma on long-term sick, without realising that Fred was also away. Then, on Monday morning, Benny phones in payday 2 to say his child is ill and Bjorn breaks a leg. From eight, only Anna and Freda remain. An implausible set of misfortunes, but inconceivable. Is it any wonder they’re under stress?

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