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    If LinkedIn is aimed at the professional world, those who are used to networking both in person and online. Then Twitter is for those….who aren’t.

    Twitter For Job Search

    Twitter can be a valuable tool for job seekers to exploit. LinkedIn remains the preferred option for professionals; but Twitter can be used not only to find out more about potential employers and target companies, but to listen out for agencies and recruitment companies advertising their clients roles.

    If you are planning on applying for jobs or talking to companies through Twitter, you need to appear professional and “normal”. Here are our top tips to securing a job through Twitter.

    Securing A Job Through Twitter

    1. Look Like A Professional

    There’s nothing worse than a dead Twitter profile, you’re trying to sell yourself remember so fill out every available field and customize as much as possible.

    – Use your real name. And ensure your handle isn’t something like “@twinkletoes82” – that’s rubbish. If your name has already been taken try adding a number on the end, or a middle initial.
    – Provide links to a CV and – if you do have it, a link to your LinkedIn account, or blog.
    – Include credentials or achievements in your 160 character bio “BA Hons…” “Winner of X,Y,Z”.

    As with using your real name, use your real picture as a profile pic too. Again, ensure it’s a good head and shoulders shot, not one taken straight from Facebook, – if it’s from your latest late night BBQ – think to yourself, would I employ that guy?

    Keep your background clean too. A standard or specifically-designed professional background will do — unless you happen to be in the creative industry, and then you may want to use the space to showcase some of your juicy creative skills.

    2. Follow The People That Matter!

    As a means of connecting to others in your profession, it goes without saying that following relevant companies and top industry players will keep you informed of any news or changes — but it will also make you appear keen, and give you a better picture of the companies that you’d like to work for.

    Following the big blogs in your industry keeps you in the loop too and on-top of the latest industry news, which is great stuff to touch upon

    3. Join in!

    The best way to gain exposure on Twitter is to be active and relevant towards a target audience. If you nurture a reputation as an expert in your field, then you are giving potential employers a reason to notice you.

    Participate in talks and discussions, follow the latest trends, and offer your perspective to other industry players.

    4. Just Be Sociable, Not Pushy

    Whether your following a hiring manager or business owner in your target industry, remember they have to deal with people asking for a job all the time. If you contact one of them directly with one aim, to plead for work, a positive response is unlikely.

    Be friendly, appear interested, and don’t push yourself forward — simply by being connected through social networking opportunities will find themselves in your news feed. Be strategic in who you follow, re-tweet updates that interest you, and contribute to discussions.

    5. Use Job Twitter Searches

    Twitter is full of job postings, aggregated lists and industry-specific opportunities. As a tool to find a new job, Twitter takes away the pain of registering on multiple job agency websites, and cuts the time required to scan through postings for something that looks suitable.

    By far the best and most used is probably “TwitJobSearch” http://www.twitjobsearch.com/ – at the time of writing this post they had a staggering 890,318 jobs posted in the last 30 days.

    – Go look through them!


    And remember to follow us on Twitter, listen out for our tips and of course, us advertising our clients vacancies!

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