Flat Fee Recruitment – The Hunt4Staff Method

Deluxe is Standard at Hunt4StaffNotepad

We believe in setting the bar high. Where ‘standard’ is sometimes used as a baseline, we like to set it at ‘deluxe’. All Hunt4Staff projects, therefore, include the following:

• Your own UK-based project manager.
• Candidate sifting – by your project manager, not by parsing technology.
• Access to our bespoke Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
• 28 day exposure to job boards.
• Social media exposure.
• Liaison with your favourite candidates including the arrangement of interviews, if required.

Any extras?

There are a couple of add-ons to accompany our Advert & Sift service if you wish:

•  Full Telephone Interviews:  In addition to our light screening that your project manager does as standard, we can offer a full telephone interviewing process with notes.

• HR & Recruitment Consultancy:  If you are looking to overhaul your complete HR and recruitment processes, including your advertising methods and systems, our senior management team can offer a wholesale review service, including a site visit, expert advice, and application process review.


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