• Candidate Advice: Are Your References Clued Up?

    Date: 30 May, 2012 | Author: | Category: Candidates

    Okay great, let’s imagine you’ve been for an interview for that star job, the one you’ve always wished for. You’re down to the last few and your prospective employer requests your references (if you haven’t provided them already).

    Are you sweating at that point? Did you leave your last but one job because you couldn’t get along with your manger? What will they say in your reference?

    How do you stay calm?

    Prep Your References

    Job applicants tend to overlook the importance of prepping references. This step is so relevant that it can actually make a difference between getting a job or not. Even if not every employer will ask for references, when they do they will probably take reference check as a priority in hiring decisions. Job seekers must make sure their references are ready to respond favorably for them, whenever a potential employer calls for a reference check.

    Here’s a few basic steps on prepping your references:

    1. Ask each and every time. Why not call the references you are listing on your CV and ask if it is OK for them to provide a reference on your behalf. This isn’t only to be polite but also to warn them that they may be receiving a call or letter. That way they can give a proper answer as they have been given time to think about you, your work and your qualities.
    2. Provide details. Provide your reference with some details about the job you are applying for. This will help them tailor their referral and highlight skills that might be more relevant to that job. If you got on well and left on good terms with the reference they would normally be happy doing this for you.
    3. Report back. Get back to your references with a thank you, whether

      or not you got the job. Let them know how the interviews went et. Keeping your references updated and engaged in your job search will ensure they remain happy to provide references again.


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