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Five ways to gain valuable business experience whilst still at university

26th May , 2015

Category: General

With so many graduates unemployed these days, simply having a degree is not enough to stand out from the fierce competition when looking for a job. This is why it is worthwhile seeking opportunities t- - Read on...

Is Your CV a Place to be Funny?

22nd May , 2015

Category: Candidates

We received a CV this week for an IT Manager's position. Right at the top of the page next to the applicant's name was this slogan; “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” It made us laugh. T- - Read on...

Go to Work on an Egg... or Otherwise!

21st May , 2015

Category: General

Hunt4Staff Surveys the Breakfast Habits of British Workers  Back in the 1950s and 60s the Egg Marketing Board waged a big campaign to encourage Britain's workers to kick off the day with an egg, an- - Read on...

Are You Following Hunt4Staff on Twitter & Facebook?

30th April , 2015

Category: Employers ,For Employees ,General

I expect you are already aware that Hunt4Staff has a Twitter account, and probably that we also have a Facebook page. However, just a reminder if you are not already following us. We tweet regularl- - Read on...

Dan Price's Extraordinary Wages Policy

16th April , 2015

Category: General ,Industry News

“We’re completely transparent. We gladly choose long-term relationships over profit… The most compelling reason businesses switch to us is our team of dedicated, local, customer service members... Whe- - Read on...

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