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When Is The Best Time To Advertise Your Role?

23rd November , 2015

Category: General

It's a question we are often asked - 'when is the best time to place my vacancy advert?' My feeling is that any time is the right time. With any recruitment campaign an element of luck plays a part. Y- - Read on...

Inflexible interviews â How did your ideal candidate slip away?

3rd October , 2015

Category: General

Imagine that you've shortlisted a dozen candidates from hundreds of applications, your Hunt4Staff project manager has sent interview request emails to them all, but only a couple of candidates have co- - Read on...

What do workers eat for breakfast?

28th May , 2015

Category: General

Welcome to part two of the results of our survey of office workers' breakfasts, where we'll reveal their specific preferences. As we reported last week, the vast majority of the workers surveyed esche- - Read on...

Five ways to gain valuable business experience whilst still at university

26th May , 2015

Category: General

With so many graduates unemployed these days, simply having a degree is not enough to stand out from the fierce competition when looking for a job. This is why it is worthwhile seeking opportunities t- - Read on...

Is Your CV a Place to be Funny?

22nd May , 2015

Category: Candidates

We received a CV this week for an IT Manager's position. Right at the top of the page next to the applicant's name was this slogan; “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” It made us laugh. T- - Read on...

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